Strategic Partnerships

Impetus Capital Company Vision, Mission and Values Impetus Capital partners with strong expertise throughout the small to lower middle market sector. Each of these key partners assists us in advancing the needs of our customers.

Mission Critical Teams

Many merger and acquisitions fail to live up to the promises and gains of consolidation. While leaders who focus on the acquisition may be highly skilled in strategy and finance, their failure to focus on the "people integration" issue is underestimated. Hence the employees of the purchased organization lack information and receive no clear direction, resulting in low morale, a drop in productivity, and a loss of key people.

In acquisitions that fulfill their promise, leaders pay a great deal of attention to the integration process by creating clarity and alignment around key issues and defined accountabilities. They foster buy-in through collective decision making, and focus on performance, results and culture-change as a closely integrated cycle.

Maximizing the return on your investment on a merger or acquisition requires looking beyond the basics. In order to minimize your M & A risks, Mission Critical Teams™ provide the structure, tools, skills and support your organization needs to plan and execute for an effective combined work force.

Growing Innovative Brands

Helping new and emerging brands maximize their potential through strategic growth and clear optimization of channel opportunities.

We specialize in the steps that it takes to get your brand to market. Together with our founder and her 30+ year experience in the industry, we have a group of industry experts who come from varying degrees of backgrounds.

Regardless of whether you're one to two years into your introduction of the brand or just starting with an idea, our guidance will help you to be successful.